Asterisk is a software package that turns an ordinary desktop into a center for communications. It is what powers all VOIP solutions. It has become a platform that has been used by millions of businesses of all sizes, from small businesses, to call centres, to large multimillion dollar companies and is increasing in popularity as the solution for enterprise-level phone systems.

Arrowtel asterisk support

An Advanced Phone System

The features offered through Asterisk software are plentiful, all designed to improve and streamline the communication experience both for businesses and their customer base. It allows users to enjoy the use of several call functions including calling and voicemail functions that allow for efficient communications, receipt of messages and tracking of call volumes. It is able to be scaled to different environments, VOIP systems and can be used by multiple locations under the same business.

Arrowtel asterisk support

A Flexible Plan

Known as the "Swiss Army of phone systems", Asterisk support provides businesses of all sizes access to communications technology, and allows users and businesses to customize the functions of the Asterisk system to their exact needs, whether it be gateways, conference servers or an advanced voicemail system.

Improving the Sales Experience

Asterisk support can be used as a Customer Relationship Management system and can provide automation of some aspects of a salesforces work. You can also increase your access to your workforce by allowing remote access as well as mobility. In sales contexts, Asterisk helps sales people effectively manage callbacks and provides them with intelligent queuing so to be able to reach their customers and potential customers efficiently and in a way that keeps the customer experience in mind.

Asterisk is a highly technical program that provides an excellent user experience, but requires some working knowledge (Linux, script programming, telephony, and networking) for users to implement and customize to their business. When you purchase Asterisk support through Arrowtel, you gain access to experts in Asterisk who will work with you every step of the way to customize your phone system and ensure that it provides the function you need for your business and for your improved customer experience.

Asterisk allows new features to be added onto existing technologies so to optimize what a business already has in terms of communications to make it better. Connect with Arrowtel today to discuss if Asterisk is right for you and your company and to hear about our various packages and options for support.