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In today’s technologically advanced society, it is incremental, whether your business is a small home business or a large conglomerate, that you keep up to date with new technology that can directly enhance your business. This not only stretches to external communications with customers but also to internal investments that will improve efficiency in the workplace and boost productivity.  How you communicate internally and externally will have a huge effect on the success of your business. This is usually at the forefront of every business’ endeavors, with budgets integrated into annual strategies for these particular investments. An increasingly popular technological investment, that according to recent studies, over a third of business’ now has, is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP). In basic terms, the VoIP service allows you to make phone calls from computers using your Internet connection instead of your phone line. Many companies have made the switch as it enhanced customer communication and it saves you a lot of money especially when using VoIP for economical international calls.


make phone calls from computers


VoIP for business is a very effective and efficient technology that allows you to run your phone service through your internet connection. It has many benefits for internal and external communications with many using VoIP for economical international calls and local calls. In fact, research studies have shown that the reason over a third of business’ have now made the switch to VoIP is that it is so much more cost-effective and enhances productivity.

Benefits to internal communication

 The fact that you can make phone calls from computers is already beneficial from a time-saving perspective making tasks just that bit easier but there are also a lot of other positive effects from investing in VoIP for business. Switching to VoIP, like many have done already adds more flexibility to the workplace with a portability feature allowing any member of staff to join meetings from almost anywhere. So if someone is running late, away on holiday or for another office, they don’t have to miss out on anything important. Due to its video conferencing application, you have the ability to attend all meetings you are required to participate in without having to be physically present and if you are overseas the VoIP for economical international calls function means you can permanently be present without worrying about the international costs. This increases contribution to the company from every staff member and encourages more involvement from each of your team. As a direct impact from this, your team will feel more like you value their input which will lead to more insight into the different areas of the business from the people who know it best. Furthermore, VoIP for business optimizes operations in the workplace with a self-organization feature for the influx of calls a business receives every day, increasing productivity substantially.

Benefits to external communication

 Your customer is the key to a successful business and therefore keeping them satisfied is probably one of the most important objectives in any corporate strategy. The fact you can make phone calls from computers will save you so much money if your business spends the day on the phone to customers. This is one of the primary reasons many companies have chosen VoIP because it is easy to set up and works just like your normal phone systems do. The customers still use their phones to contact you, so there isn’t a worry of having to download apps or give out new contact information. It is a simple set up with and phenomenally cost-effective.

Not only does it reduce your telecommunication costs but it features conference bridging, unlimited channel lines so customers are never left waiting with a configuration to your voicemail and email inbox. You can also direct different calls to certain mobiles, if for example, you want to have the same point of contact for each customer so they feel more valued or if you want to distribute calls from different channels, or campaigns, to different teams. If you have an overseas project, VoIP for economical international calls is a life saver! Further to this, if you are expecting an important call from a customer, you do not need to be glued to your desk the entire day. The number can be redirected to your mobile which means you can take it from absolutely anywhere. VoIP for business enhances customer satisfaction and the success rate can be measured, so you can watch as you start to rake in returns from this investment.

Fundamentally, this high-tech investment will save you so much money, and it won’t take long to see the effects it has on productivity, customer conversion and retention. Arrowtel has partnered with Vitelity to answer your VoIP solution, creating a telecommunications provider that works for a business of any size. They wanted to create something of high quality that was multifunctional and would allow you to make phone calls from computers to give you a much more efficient phone system.

This product gives you more control, streamlining all your communication to project and align your corporate messages way more effectively. Trying to keep you one step ahead of the game, these high-functioning phones provide innovation in the workplace, allowing you to enhance communication with customers in a much easier and efficient way from the office, whilst saving a lot of money you would have wasted on local and international calls beforehand.

To find out more about the different plans at Arrowtel and how you can utilize VoIP for economical international calls and local calls in your business, through being able to make phone calls from computers and the many other features Arrowtel’s VoIP has to offer, visit Arrowtel Network.