How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Despite the rapid advancement of technology in organizations and the continuously changing competitive markets, the most important thing in business has not changed – the customer. Every touch point is essential, from their first point of engagement with your company right through to conversion. Therefore, many companies make it a priority to constantly seek out ways on how to improve customer satisfaction whether it is an investment in technology such as VoIP for business or enhanced internal training. Most business owners understand that this sets a precedent for the success of the company. Without a great first impression and continued engagement throughout the entire customer process, your business is likely to receive customer dissatisfaction.  Without great customer service, this simply means no conversion and therefore no customers. Can you see where this is heading? No customers equate to no returns which ultimately ends in a business that is heading straight for the bin.

Most businesses with a brain have customer satisfaction objectives built within their annual plan and strategy. This is usually done by measuring customer satisfaction, and the areas that affect it to see what can be improved. However, there are ways to proactively improve customer satisfaction before your revenue starts to see the damage. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for business allows you to run your phone service through your internet connection with additional features that organize your calls, increase productivity and enhance customer perception, giving every business a head start when it comes to improving customer satisfaction. As a result, you will begin to see direct improvements to the performance from numerous elements of the business upon introducing VoIP for business.

 How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Investing in more efficient telecommunications

When considering how to improve customer satisfaction, look at how efficient your customer communication tools are. If there are any barriers to contacting you, a customer may just give up and head over to the competition. With this in mind, many businesses have already moved their phone services online. This cuts out many customer service problems faced when using traditional phone lines. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an efficient technology that runs your phone service through your internet connection which has many benefits when it comes to customer communication. VoIP for business optimizes operations in the workplace with a self-organization feature for the influx of calls a business receives every day, increasing productivity substantially.

Not only does it reduce your telecommunication costs but it features conference bridging, unlimited channel lines so customers are never left waiting, configuration to your voicemail and email inbox. Most importantly you can direct calls to specific mobiles, therefore you can distribute the types of calls according to who the customer is speaking with so they can continue the customer process, building a relationship with one point of contact, making them, as the customer, feel much more valued. Furthermore, if someone is waiting on a very important call, you do not need to worry about missing it as it can be redirected to your mobile and taken from absolutely anywhere. VoIP for business enhances customer satisfaction and the success rate can be measured, so you can watch as you start to rake in returns from this investment.

Employees are (also) king!

When each customer passes a touch point throughout their journey to conversion, they will be engaging with a member of your team. Therefore, internal communications need to be as strong as external communications and given as much time and effort. When considering how to improve customer satisfaction, a productive, and consistent, team with aligned goals and motivation is crucial to making sure that each customer is happy when they have communicated with them. This really is the key to success. To do this, reinvesting in your employees is essential to ensuring your teams are motivated, aligned with business goals and objectives, and most importantly communicating effectively, efficiently, and as trained, with customers.

Feedback forms are a great way for your team to suggest how to improve customer satisfaction without feeling like they are being too vocal but also to suggest what isn’t working. Additionally, team building exercises can increase motivation and awareness of who does what in the workplace, so your employees can enhance efficiency on projects in which they need input from other departments to deliver the optimum service to your customers.

VoIP for business has a direct effect on internal communications improving productivity in the workplace. Due to its multi-function, switching to VoIP adds more flexibility to your workplace, with the portability feature allowing your team members to join meetings from almost anywhere. Therefore you have the ability to attend important meetings in the office without having to be physically present through its video conferencing application. As a result, this enhances involvement from each employee which leads the way to more insight into the business, the customers and how things can be improved, giving everyone a voice!

Being on the frontline, your employees have more of an insight into your customers’ minds. A happy team makes happy customers, therefore investing in technology that will ease their workload, providing feedback forms for any suggestions on improvements and organizing team-bonding activities will increase motivation to come to work every day and as a result, you will see a peak in productivity. If a team member from one department can solve a customer query in two seconds by running across the office, or better yet- using the VoIP for business to contact them, instead of telling the customer you will respond in 2-3 working days when you get an email response, then you are going to retain your customers!

So as a fundamental component to the success of your business, do not wait until you have a crisis management situation on your hands before investing in ways on how to improve customer satisfaction. Arrowtel has partnered with Vitelity to answer your VoIP solution. A provider for businesses of all sizes, Arrowtel’s VoIP for business provide you with a cost-effective service that improves customer service performance with its impressive features, meeting the demands of a thriving, hectic business whilst making each individual customer feel valued throughout their entire customer journey.

To find out more about the different plans at Arrowtel and how to improve customer satisfaction in your business through the many features the VoIP for business has to offer, visit Arrowtel Network.