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What is VoIP.ms?

Odds are you’ve heard this strange term before. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which is basically a fancy way of saying “hey, with this technology you can run your phone service through the internet.” The technology required for VoIP has been around for a while but it hasn’t received very much attention until just recently. In the last couple of years, many business owners from small home-based businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 executives have realized the amazing benefits of using VoIP MS phone service. Large companies like IBM, Allstate, Subway, and Target have already switched to using VoIP MS technology. There must be a reason why these massive companies are using this technology, right? VoIP.ms is a VoIP provider operated by Swiftvox. This company is exclusively a seller of wholesale termination services in various international locations. VoIP.ms has different server locations worldwide with low calling rates as well as free calls between clients who also use VoIP.ms.

Enterprise level phone systems that use VoIP technology are the future for businesses of all sizes, and Arrowtel seeks to be a trusted provider to businesses for an affordable system. We guarantee seamless integration of the new enterprise level system into existing communication streams.

How does VoIP.ms work?

VoIP MS uses your internet connection to make calls. When ordering VoIP services, the phone service company will usually provide you with an adapter that lets you plug your traditional phones straight into the internet, some companies offer special VoIP phones that enable you and your business to make full use of all of the great calling features that VoIP MS has to offer. Other than plugging your phone into the wall using your internet cable, everything about VoIP MS feels the same as it did before. Phone numbers still work the same way as they used to and you don’t have to dial any special numbers to make outgoing calls. VoIP MS services also operate without disturbing your internet connection and offer plenty of room for your company to expand if your small business plans on adding more lines in the future. In this scenario, you can actually have the best of both worlds! With VoIP phone service you get the comfort of a traditional phone system with the added features and benefits of state-of-the-art VoIP MS technology.

You are supposed to connect any device, switch, server or software that supports one of the two protocols that VoIP.ms offer that is IAX2 or SIP and at least one codec to the VoIP.ms server. You should then authenticate using dynamic registration or IP address which is compatible with VoIP software. You can then configure many devices with different usernames by using the VoIP.ms sub account section. When you place calls, VoIP.ms terminates them for you, and when people call these numbers, this service provider sends them to you through VoIP.

VoIP Call Origination and Termination

VoIP Call origination and termination are two different services; therefore, the VoIP origination provider doesn’t have to be the same as the VoIP termination provider. Understanding the complexity and detailed aspects which each service provider offers plays a role in choosing the right carrier as well as the need for your daily communication protocols.

VoIP Call origination

One of the most used terms when talking about VoIP communication is call origination which mainly involves how a telephone call starts and how it is transmitted to the receiver. Call origination is defined as the point where a call starts which then takes place over the PSTN phone network and transferred to its destination through the internet. Usually, a phone call through VoIP begins between the start point and the destination point. There are different types of call origination depending on the different services provided; however, call origination can only be possible if the VoIP originator has a call termination arrangement with a VoIP terminator. You also need a valid phone number to facilitate and receive VoIP origination services.

Factors to consider when choosing your origination providers:

Price and Value: Price is something obvious to consider whenever you are choosing a VoIP origination provider, however, the actual measure is the value of the call. Make sure you assess the quality of the calls, listen to the clarity of the audio and also ensure that the calls do not drop.

Management: Ensure the VoIP services you receive connect with the point of control you are looking for. Find out how straightforward it is to route and manage the calls delivered to you.

Flexibility:  Flexibility is very crucial for real-time activations. Your account dashboard should be user-friendly and comprehensive.

Availability:  Choose a VoIP origination provider that offers backup routing in case of server or system failure and other unforeseen situations. This will enable calls to go through, and it will be business as usual.Functionality

Functionality: Features and function differ from provider to provider, but some functions must be present. The E911 should be a must for safety purposes. The Caller ID Name storage and lookup are important for business because they help in boosting answer rates as well as building the customer’s loyalty.

VoIP Call Termination

On the industry networks, phone calls are mainly seen having two ends as well as traveling in one direction. The originating end is where the call has been dialed from, whereas the terminating end is the recipient being called. For that reason, termination is the act of delivering outbound calls to the numbers you have dialed or placed.

Factors to consider when choosing termination providers:

  • Optimal security
  • Factual price and value
  • Flexible management and infrastructure

VoIP.ms Services and Benefits

If you haven’t already, start researching all of the things VoIP MS is capable of doing. You’ll be amazed.

VoIP service allows one to take a call from anywhere as long as you have a mobile phone. Most VoIP service providers have call forwarding options that allow you to direct calls to any number you specify. Imagine never having to worry about missing an important call ever again. VoIP goes where you go.

It has now been accepted on a global basis that Hosted VoIP technology is a wonder in the world of telecommunication. Business firms of all sizes have been deploying its usage due to the outstanding features and benefits that it offers for communication. The use of this technology with Small Business has drastically reduced the calling bills that the organizations used to pay while using the customary telephone lines. Moreover, this technology has not just limited its usage to voice and data but also extends its functionality to integrate voice, data, and video through a single channel that transfers packets over the digital network.

The business VoIP technology is indeed a complex one and it comprises a number of core components that come together to form this vast network that can establish a connection with any person anywhere in the world. However, before the deployment of this technology, it is essential to know about some of the basic components that build up this dense communication network channeled through VOIP.

Here, we weigh the advantages and drawbacks of switching over to a VoIP system, and how to maximize the potential benefits to your company should you decide to take the plunge into a world of possibilities for virtual phone numbers, voicemail and fax forwarding, and seamless Wi-Fi to cellular network integration.

VoIP Phone System as a Value-Added PropositionVoip.ms


Although many of the fears expressed by business owners related to changing over to a VoIP phone system are legitimate concerns, advances in the technology as well as an increasing shift toward this service in the telecommunications industry lead to a generally growing consensus that it is well worth the effort cross over and enjoy the advantages this exciting new technology affords.

Advances in VoIP Technology

While it is true that early VoIP use was restricted to computer systems and that the voice quality could be questionable or unreliable at best, that can hardly be said of today’s VoIP Service and systems. VoIP adapters on standard phones or specialized IP phones provide high-quality voice transmission, great mobility, and a handful of fun features that were never available with a standard phone system. VoIP efficiently uses already existing data networks within the business structure, which leads to reduced cost and elevated productivity across the board.

VoIP Systems Save on Telecommunication Costs

While traditional phones systems require the maintenance and administration of expensive infrastructure in order to stay within the industry guidelines, VoIP requires only a single network for voice and data, which means businesses are able to effectively reduce maintenance and implementation overhead cost. Relocation of employee work sites, which previously may have cost around one hundred dollars per person to move with a traditional phone system, is now as simple finding another broadband network jack to plug the IP phone into. And VoIP service is cheaper across the board when compared with standard telecommunications providers.

VoIP Allows for Greater Accessibility and Mobility

Because an IP phone can be used anywhere a broadband network is available, calls to clients and coworkers can be handled from many locations without the need to resort to a cell phone. The office, home, or even a hotel or friend’s house or could be used for conducting business by phone, which means that your business phone is no longer physically tied to your desk. Most VoIP systems have software options available that will allow for calls to be made or received on a laptop computer with the use of a headset microphone and speakers.

VoIP Provides Easy Configuration

VoIP phone systems offer useful configurations that will turn written emails into voicemail messages or forward faxes and voicemails to an email inbox. Messages of all types can be easily managed from a single platform.

A virtual phone number may also be set-up, allowing for targeting of customers in specific regions with an area code that gives residents the familiarity of a local business presence.

VoIP Improves Productivity

Some studies have shown that VoIP systems may help businesses elevate productivity by as much as four hours per employee each week. This in part may be attributed to less time being wasted managing calls because of the convenient features and configurations a VoIP Service system allows. VoIP systems may even be configured to ring simultaneously on a cell phone and a landline for a single number before going to voicemail, which means you never get slowed down by missing an urgent call.

Getting the Most Value from a VoIP System

As outlined above, VoIP systems offer a tremendous amount of flexibility, additional features, and a streamlined infrastructure when compared with a traditional phone service. Below are a few helpful insights that will allow a business to ensure getting the most from switching to a VoIP system.

Hire a Genuine VoIP Service Provider

Even though the installation of a standard VoIP phone system is relatively simple, hiring a VoIP vendor for larger projects is highly recommended. Some network providers offer VoIP solutions for small to medium sized businesses, so it would also be a good idea to start by checking there.

Pilot Program

Before jumping into switching over to VoIP across the entire company, consider having a smaller group of employees test out the VoIP system to verify its relevance and value to the business. If the pilot program is successful, the system can be rolled out to the entire office, while maintaining the traditional phone system as a back-up during the transition period.

Implement Call Forwarding

Configuring the VoIP phone system to forward unanswered calls to a cell phone or land line is a great way to avoid missing calls in the event of a power outage, allowing your phone transactions to continue as normal until the backup system kicks in or the electricity is restored.

Ensure Network Security

Networks need to be protected from digital hackers and denial-of-service assaults by keeping network security up to date and meticulously administered. This will avoid the potentially costly and time-consuming problem of call hacking, allowing your business to run unmolested in its communications.

Following are the benefits of using VoIP MS

  • 100% coverage of US for enhanced 911/e911 service
  • Offer DID numbers in more than 30 international countries and 49 states in the US. They also offer Vanity Toll-Free numbers and Toll-free numbers
  • Supports local, mobile and Toll-free number portability
  • Compatible with most VoIP devices and Softwares
  • Wholesale pricing which is open to everyone
  • Friendly and available customer service and support staff
  • A-Z call termination, meaning you can call anywhere at anytime
  • Flexible dialing rules
  • There is no monthly fee, no obligations, and no deadline; therefore you pay as you go.

About Arrowtel

Arrowtel provides hassle free, cost effective and high-quality PBX, VoIP as well as cloud-based IP phone solutions for different businesses regardless of the size across the US.Arrowtel is dedicated to showing small and medium-sized businesses that the implementation of a VoIP system provides excellent cost-savings, modernity in telecom functions, a measurable enhancement in the productivity of businesses, and provides your customers with the optimal in service experiences.

We strive to provide a high-quality product to businesses so that they are able to provide a strong customer interface through their telephone system while enjoying advanced features designed to aid in productivity in communications while providing calling and voicemail features that are designed to efficiently meet a busy influx of calls.

VoIP is a secure way of using the public network to make local and international phone calls. This enables you to use the company telephone without necessarily being in your office.VoIP.ms and Arrowtel allow you to route your business telephone calls and messages to your cloud phone instead of using a personal phone number. This enables one to maintain the professional image by only using your business telephone for professional issues.

These VoIP providers are also appealing to business owners because even when on vacation or holidays, you will remain connected to your organization. As a business IP phone services, VoIP.ms and Arrowtel are there to ensure your business is thriving with functional and enterprise level phone system. Their partnership allows you to stay connected to your business, employees, and clients with ease and with a reliable cloud-based system.