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As a result of our increasingly digital world, telephone calls today are much different than those of the past. The advent of Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, technology has changed the way that calls are placed, no longer relying on cumbersome and unreliable phone lines. In simple terms, VoIP means placing a call using an Internet Service Provider, rather than a traditional phone service provider. This means that when a VoIP call is placed, the caller’s voice becomes data that is packaged and sent over the Internet rather than transmitted over physical phone lines. At the other end of the call, the data is then unpackaged and the receiver hears the caller’s voice. The major benefit of using this technology is the vast cost savings and the availability of cheap virtual phone numbers.

The first Internet phone service was introduced in 1995 by a company called Vocaltec. The technology was rudimentary at best and required that users on both ends possess the same hardware and software (i.e. the service could not be used to call a landline). It was not until 2004 that VoIP calling plans were introduced, which allowed callers to use the technology in much the same way as traditional phone services. Now, callers are able to place calls to anyone, regardless of the device or the service being utilized on the other end. In addition, the service is much more reliable with the incorporation of broadband Internet capabilities, which makes the unpackaging much faster and reduces latency and glitches, both common in early VoIP technology.

Today, VoIP technology has entered the commercial sector, with droves of businesses converting to VoIP from traditional land lines. There are several factors that businesses should consider prior to making the switch, but the pros far outweigh the cons in almost every case. Here, we will take a look at the major incentives businesses can appreciate when using VoIP service.

Why Should Today’s Enterprises use VOIP?Cheap Virtual Phone Numbers

Here at Arrowtel, we have a solid reputation for the best VoIP services with cheap virtual phone numbers and world-class features brought to you at three convenient pricing tiers. And now for the first time, we have partnered with Vitelity to enhance your business’ network and ensure higher quality calls with fewer interruptions and virtually no latency. Before we go into the details of this exciting venture, we will examine the benefits of having your enterprise switch to VoIP technology.

Price – One of the greatest advantages for corporations that switch to VoIP phone service is cost. PCWorld explains why this technology is so cost effective: “VoIP differs from regular telephone service by treating your phone conversations as data passing through your IP network. In today’s world, broadband is relatively cheap and easy to get, so VoIP has considerable appeal to businesses that want to cut costs and use their existing resources more efficiently (PCWorld, April 2012).”

Convenience – VoIP technology is not only cheap, it’s portable, making it the perfect solution for companies with distributed teams or employees who travel extensively. Users can either choose to carry their VoIP-enabled devices along with them (the address is built in, allowing users to access the service from anywhere with a broadband Internet connection) or simply use one of the many web-based services like Skype.

Features – Since it is Internet based, VoIP technology provides users with a host of features that make it easier than ever to conduct day-to-day business operations from anywhere in the world. The best VoIP plans today boast feature-rich options like group calling, video conferencing, voicemail transcription, call recording, SIP phone support, voicemail to email, and easy access to cheap virtual phone numbers for all employees.

The Arrowtel/Vitelity Partnership

We are a federally registered VoIP provider for businesses of all sizes. We provide telephone, SMS and fax service using VoIP technology that allows small- and medium-sized businesses access to an enterprise-level phone system complete with advanced features that are intended to increase productivity. With a convenient, multi-tiered pricing platform, and a host of advanced features like a web portal for managing services and a visual operating panel that displays which extensions are being utilized, we are your source for seamless enterprise VoIP integration.

With both home and enterprise solutions, Vitelity is one of the leading providers of VoIP technology today. They have “One of the largest local DID footprints in North America with 13,000+ rate centers – 54% more coverage than our closest competitor.” In addition to this, the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) offers a unique, customized Enhanced Value Added Reseller (eVAR) program that provides “wholesale SIP trunking solutions”. With Vitelity, your business will never have to worry about running out of phone numbers, as Vitelity offers more than 18 million cheap virtual phone numbers, including both local and toll-free.

Arrowtel joined with Vitelity to offer the best and most seamless transition possible services to enterprises looking to switch to VoIP technology. Building on Vitelity’s extensive and carefully built network and large supply of cheap virtual phone numbers, our competitive packages can be easily implemented across your entire enterprise, allowing employees across the globe access to their top-rated VoIP technology. By storing all phone data on their secure, cloud-based platform, we can guarantee that your employees will never miss a call or a meeting again, regardless of their physical location. The service is free to set up and easy to cancel, and both companies provide ample customer service for all your inquiries and issues that may arise.