A Guide to IP Phone Services in Los Angeles

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The holidays are over and it’s back to work with the clean slate of a new year. For business owners, this is the opportunity to explore new options and avenues that can allow your business to prosper in 2017 and beyond. IP phone services in Los Angeles are an accessible and viable option for organizations of all sizes. Whether your resolution was to spend more, or less time in the office, this cloud-based enterprise will allow you to do either while maintaining a thriving business with top quality communication.



Not a huge fan of giving out your cell phone number to clients and customers? Understandable. While your business is dedicated to providing top notch customer service, it is important to keep business and personal life separate. Not only for your sanity but for the sake of your professional image. With IP phone services in Los Angeles, you can route your business phone calls and text messages to your cloud phone, rather than use a personal cell number. This feature enables you to compartmentalize your life, and maintain that professional image by only using your business phone for professional matters.

Need a break from the office? Another reason IP phone services are so appealing to business owners is that during vacations, holidays, travel and personal time, you can still be connected to what is going on with your organization. Never worry about not being able to attend the annual, family Christmas Eve party again because you have to stay at the office, waiting for that phone call. Your cloud-based phone can be your mobile, on the go office!

IP Phone services in Los Angeles


Text messaging is quickly becoming the most effective and quickest way to stay in touch with people. The IP phone services available in Los Angeles allow your cloud-based phone to stay in touch with staff, employees or customers via SMS. Not everyone checks their email constantly, and we are all guilty of ignoring an unknown number. Sometimes, the quickest way to get an announcement heard is to send a text message; sent and received almost instantly. IP phone services can change the way your business communicates, making it more efficient and successful.

Keeping your business number separate from personal one does not pertain only to customer service and staff. Outbound texts and calls pertaining to the needs of your office should also be compartmentalized to work. Keep all records of work related orders and outbound needs to the one device, and it will make it that much easier to organize.



Does your business have one, two, three or more locations? IP phone services and PBX allows all of those locations to have only one business phone number. No matter which location your customer is trying to locate, at the touch of a button your employees can reroute calls to anyone within the organization. Communication has never been this efficient without cloud-based technology. Conduct conference calls with your employees, allow your customers to call into a queue system and be routed to the first available agent and rest easy knowing that everyone is connected.

As a provider of best IP Phone Services in Los Angeles, Arrowtel is a proud organization that wants your business to thrive with this highly functional, enterprise level phone system. Stay connected to your business, your employees and your customers at all times with the easy, low cost and reliable cloud-based system.